Deconstructing Generational Sins (part 2 of 2)

As my friend  shared with the team his reasoning for leaving, I had a shouting match with God in my heart.  I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted to rescue my friend…. and then I went through a crisis of calling.

“God, why would you call us to work with those who are coming out of the oppressor side of the battle?  Don’t you side with the disadvantaged?”

Here’s what I sensed in response.

Lesson 3 : God works with the rich, the poor, the oppressor, the oppressed… his heart aches against injustice.  God is love, and where there is an absence of love, He moves his people.  The summary of this lesson is this: We are called to share the gospel with those who have not fully received the gospel.  What I mean by that is this: we believe that the gospel of Jesus frees us from the bondage of sin.  If we are still held in any way to the bondage of sin (either our own, or that generational stuff we’re continuing to choose to hold onto), we aren’t experiencing the fullness of life Jesus wants to give us… freely.  From a social reconstruction standpoint, reconciliation can only happen when BOTH parties come to the table… and BOTH name what is broken in their side of the dispute.

Lesson 4 : God has placed us in the heart of His activity here.  I have a sense of a massive movement of God among this generation of Afrikaaners.  They (some anyway) are asking highly complex questions at very young ages.  They are seeking to understand a new way forward with no script to work from.  They’re making it up as they go.  God’s dropped us into the center of something enormous to work with.

As I laid hands on my friend to pray for him in his journey, I felt an overwhelming peace come over me that this is exactly where God wants us. This work is critical on so many levels.  I believe it has ramifications that are wider than I can even realize at this point.  Thankfully, those I serve alongside are brilliant people of God who themselves have journeyed deep into these issues of race and reconciliation.  It’s so critical to be working alongside and under these guides.  Hopefully we can be a helpful asset along the way as they lead others into this journey.

Please continue to pray for my friend and the millions of others just like him on a journey towards experiencing the fullness of the gospel of Jesus.


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