Questions for SA

I recently read an interesting column by a black columnist in Pretoria who basically slammed those in the black community who continue to blame Apartheid for poverty in SA.  It was an interesting article (posted Tuesday March 2, 2010).  It left me wondering a few things though, so I’m writing this as a question to our South African friends.

1.  Do you feel/agree with this columnist that the focus of post-Apartheid poverty issues has been primarily about Apartheid forcing slavery?

2.  Have there been conversations about generational poverty in social development of South Africa?  Granted, perhaps Apartheid has a great deal to do with why poverty exists here, but due to the length of its reign, a new type of poverty SEEMS to exist here… at least from this outsider’s perspective.

3.  What should the Church in South Africa’s response be to generational poverty?  (Maybe that’s a fair question to ask the rest of the world too)

This article went onto blame the structure of the government as it stands today for issues that are still present here.  He called it an exact replica of the Apartheid system.  Here’s some other questions…

1.  Do you agree that it looks too similar?  What does an all-encompassing African (because Afrikaaners and English South Africans are fully South African/African as well) government (post-Apartheid era) look like?

2.  This author suggested SA could be on a similar track that Zimbabwe went down… do you agree?  What needs to happen to avoid that?

I’ve had some of these conversations with many of you, but thought it would be interesting to see if there are other responses we could muster up here.


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