Entrusting (a 3rdWord update)

One of the postures a missional leader must take is that of entrusting.  We talk about this to great lengths in NieuCommunities.  It’s just really tricky when you come to actually having to do it.  This is a story/update on one of the projects we initiated here and how the entrusting process is going.

As you might remember, last year, we started an initiative with 3rd Place church.  We basically wanted to experiment to see how the NieuCommunities training could be transplanted into a local church situation.  We learned a lot, we failed a lot, we made some really great friends along the way.  I think this process really helped me as we’re making major transitions with the NieuCommunities team now.  So here’s what’s going on with that initiative.

My friend Nick is basically taking over the whole thing!  I won’t lie, it’s really hard to let go of something you worked so hard to do.  But it’s in really great hands with a really gifted brother who can take it to places I never could.  Here’s a few lessons & some questions I’m left with.

1.  All the positive feedback that will ever come from this entity will never be linked to me again.  I’ve learned this lesson before, but it’s really important to remind myself that I didn’t get into this for credit.  I got into it because I saw God working and wanted to join Him.  But I’ll be honest, this is a hit on my pride and ego.  I must constantly die to those things!

2.  At some point, I must completely remove myself from the room.  The longer the originator stays around, the more he can damage the growth of something.  If it will ever become the new leaders’ vision to lead, the original vision must be tweaked a bit, or die completely.

3.  Once I lay this down in a healthy way, it means I can move to the next thing in time.  God’s work isn’t finished, and my role is to plant and hand off as He calls and directs me to.

I’ll be excited to read the stories of how God continues to work in this environment in the future, just as I have been about other initiatives we helped launch back in Huntington.  It’s so cool to see how God uses the whole body to accomplish His work.  Entrusting others with what God has for them is the most rewarding part of this role.


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