Our Big Transitions part 1

I wanted to begin a series of blogs now to discuss one of the biggest transitions happening NieuCommunities South Africa.  To preface, this transition is not yet completed.  However, I wanted to begin sharing this story with you before the details become so overwhelming that we forget to mention the small parts along the way.  Often times, the biggest examples of God’s goodness are hidden in the smallest parts.  That has definitely been true in this situation.

Part 1 : So, we’re moving… again?

In June 2009, I began to recognize that there were things missing for our family.  We needed certain kinds of support structures that our community could not provide for us and were not fair of us to expect from them.  Those things mostly centered around our specific life stage (we have kids, most people don’t.  Our kids are a certain age, the other kids are much older, etc…).  This was just the reality of what was.

Now, these were things we knew were relevant to some extent well before June 2009.  The problem, however, was that we had been working hard to find relationships in Pretoria North to offset some of these needs and were constantly running into brick walls.  Actually, most of our healthiest relationships were towards the city center or the east of Pretoria more.  And it wasn’t for lack of trying in the North.  We went to group events, we networked with schools, went to local churches, spent time in the libraries, parks, etc… That yielded 1 or 2 friends, which we greatly love, but it still wasn’t a full picture of a healthy support structure for us.

Then someone suggested we consider moving.  This had NEVER crossed our minds because part of NieuCommunities is the “community” factor… living in proximity to one another.  That’s a high value of ours as a family.

Fast-forward to October.  A TON of events have transpired between June and October.  These events led to a visit from the founder of NieuCommunities coming for a re-imagining of NieuCommunities South Africa meet up.  During that time, the community at large had discerned we needed to move out of the North and towards the city where we could see more fruit for our efforts (which had been the same counsel I had received in a variety of settings).  This launched us into a whirlwind of awesomeness!


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