Our Big Transitions Part 2 – meeting the neighborhood

Also during that time in October, Rob, the founder of NC, appointed Joe as the director of the site here.  We began discussing what the move to the city would do for the community but even more, what that was going to do for our family.  We began driving a few neighborhoods, and identified a strong candidate neighborhood known as “Clydesdale”.  Don’t look for it on the map, it’s actually part of the suburb “Sunnyside”.  (Look for later blog series about the neighborhood once we move in).

Fast forward through the holidays, everyone in our community was pretty much gone for furlough or had left the team for another ministry opportunity elsewhere.  We were left to our thoughts our friends on the ground.  Joe spent a lot of time prayer walking other neighborhoods, talking with realtors, calling about properties, etc… It seemed like we were getting nowhere.  Then I (Joe) made a call that would change everything.

I found a really interesting property in Clydesdale that I thought was probably out of our league.  The realtor on the phone told me it had been sold, but she would connect me with this other realtor to help us find other properties.  I honestly didn’t think much of it at the time.  Little did I know, this small, seemingly random phone call would be the difference maker.


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