Our Big Transitions part 4 – the CURRENT Reed House

There’s a problem with this entire transition.  We had signed a 2 year lease on our house because in South Africa, after a lease is finished, the rent is increased 10%.  I didn’t want to deal with the budget increase when our funding was so low, so we signed a 2 year lease to get locked in on a lower rate.  Made sense at the time, but now is coming to hurt us.

Then our land lady came for a visit.  She didn’t know we were looking for something else, and mentioned that she had someone who wanted to buy the house.  She said that after our lease was up, she wanted to give us the option of buying the house.  I thought this was a blessing in disguise!  We could walk away from our lease and have no hassles, bless her in the process… a win win!!!

THEN I called her back a week later.  Told her we could start looking more intentionally so she could move the property.  She said she didn’t want to sell the house, but wanted to rent it out long term.  If we wanted out of the deal, we’d need to find a new tenet.

Double talk… I have a lot of things I want to say about this, but will hold my tongue.

Natalie then, in her calm/cool/collected manner said to me, “why don’t you call Samantha (a friend of ours).  She was interested in taking on our house if we moved.  See how interested she’d be”.  I thought there was no way she would want to do that.  When I spoke to her about everything, she was really excited about it.  Her plan is to move her and her two kids in along with her friend (a single mother with one child) into the house together.  It would actually be cheaper than they are paying now for more space and a yard for their kids.

THAT’S the kind of win I’m talking about!

Anyway, THAT’s where we are at the moment.  More to come shortly :).  Please continue to pray for this process as we don’t have anything 100% lined up yet, but it seems that we have a good/comfortable option to get out of our current arrangement!!!


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