Seeing Properties

I can’t believe it’s been a week since we posted anything. Where are the weeks going? So here’s the deal… we FINALLY got to see a property today. We actually feel really good about it. There are a LOT of factors that need to get worked out now, so here’s how you can be in prayer.

1. We have to sort out if our friends can take over our current lease. They have to pass credit checks and landlord approval.

2. The owner has to inform the current tenets about the decision (long story for another post).

3. Once all the above has happened, we’ll move in 30 days. BUT, getting to that time period is African time :). See, this week is a 4 day holiday weekend in South Africa. So NO ONE will be working Friday or next Monday. Then there are some other holidays here and there which will shut offices down. All that to say, I really have no idea when this will be figured out.

But I’m in the best place I’ve been during this process! I feel like God’s timing hasn’t let us down yet. Sure, I’d rather have been there like 3 months ago… but there’s reason behind it all.

Thanks everyone for the continued prayer! We’re moving into a lot of great things already (hence the lack of posting lately). Hoping to have some good solid ministry updates in your email box by the middle to end of May!


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