Observations on Happenings in SA

Keziah stole a toy from Ezra, so Ezra stole a toy from Keziah. They got punished equally. They kept making the same mistakes over and over again. This is the life of a 2 and 4 year old right? They make mistakes, they get punished…eventually they learn the lessons of their past and quit making those same mistakes.

Can governments do that? Can whole nations do that? Can social media do that?

I’m making an outsider observation about what I’ve witnessed over the last few weeks in SA tonight…

1. There will always be leaders on two sides of every aisle who poorly represent the majority (Malema & Terreblanche in SA these past two weeks). At best, they are the extreme of two sides of a coin that really represent minorities in their larger camps.

2. Media flocks to extremists and neglects the larger majority… I’d say most of the time (hence why anyone fighting for good is rarely in the news in SA). Let’s face it, good stuff doesn’t sell newspapers and doesn’t attract that many followers on Twitter.

3. If we pay attention to our past, we have a good chance not to repeat our mistakes. South Africans have seen a better way than retaliation. They know a higher road. I feel many choosing to take it and not “steal the toy back because their sister stole from them first”. That’s a sweeping statement, but I feel the majority is in this camp. The minority used to make the most noise, but things have shifted… I believe that in my gut.


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