Some SWEET Transition Updates

Realized the other day how little I’ve blogged in the month. I’ve had to get my hands and head around several things so I’ve had to neglect this piece of updating (luckily Twitter is easy to drop sound bites on to keep everyone in the loop!). A few things I want to put here…

The NC team here is loaded up with some serious rock stars. Curtis Love, our local flava (he’s from Jo-Burg), Chris Kamalski (our discernment guru and surfer fenatic) and myself (I’ll let you all fill in the blank… just be nice ;)… have recognized that there are a LOT of people around us that are leaving NieuCommunities, leaving South Africa, etc… and came up with a transitional rhythm to help usher all of us through these changes.

What we’re doing is a weekly “clearness committee”. Each week, one individual shares what is going on in their journey and the rest of us fire questions back and forth to help draw out more… well… clearness for the individual. It’s a brilliant tool that’s been around Christianity since the 1600’s and a great way to pour into the life of another community member.

On top of that, we’re working real estate deals to get moved into the city. I never was very good at these kinds of things in the States, so you can imagine the level of culture shock Natalie and I are dealing with here. Laws here are very different. Luckily what I AM good at (connecting) has paid off royally. We have a great new friend who is literally holding our hands as we walk through this mess. You will be hearing more about Elmarie in the future. We have a feeling she’ll be a pretty important friend for our community as we move into the new ‘hood.

Please continue to pray as we push forward into uncharted waters!


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