Waiting on Him – Transition Update/Reflection

For MOST of our readership, you will be familiar with the Huntington based band, “Attaboy”.  A few years ago some friends of mine from Huntington University started this band and have been seeing some pretty amazing success.  One of their biggest notes of success was a Billboard top 30 song called “Wait on You”.  That’s been pretty prophetic for our current situation.

We were informed today that the house that everyone thought we were going to get fell through.  “Our plans have fallen short, replace our dreams with Yours.”  Our prayer as we wrestle through these implications tonight is that God would help us wait on him diligently.  How do we do that?

In my prayer drive tonight, which has been an important part of my individual weekly rhythm, I sensed God reveal that part of my role right now is to help our team find a steady rhythm in the midst of this transition.  Establish regular parts of our week that we can move with once we’re able to move into the city and welcome our neighbors into it.  We had started a few things already, and it’s not as if we’ve been sitting around waiting for houses to pop up… we’ve actually been quite intense these past 4 weeks with our work.  But I sense that until we are playing a healthy base pattern (pardon the drumming metaphors 😉 ), we won’t be able to let out a sick rif in the neighborhood… we’ll continue stumbling through trying to get a base pattern established.  God is gracing us with time to establish our feet on the ground so we can run full on into the neighborhood, into the city center, with full force ready to offer the best of ourselves.

Thank you all for you continued prayers as we push forward into this.  And thanks Amos, Jeff & Chris (Attaboy) for once again ministering to my soul across the globe.  You are a prophetic voice for our generation, and nations will be blessed because of your faithfulness.


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