The Jam in Pretoria

I’ve been a bit stunted in writing lately. Sometimes I find it really difficult to put into words all the complexities of decisions that we’re making and how that leads to our destination. It’s not that I can’t, I just don’t want to bore people with details and updates on meetings we’re having. Meetings in and of themselves can be rather boring, but what transpires is exciting, so here’s some exciting news.

With the change in our format and our focus, we’ve unlocked pandora’s box a bit. There are SO many people we’ve been interacting with now about how we might be able to support a broader audience in Pretoria. Needless to say, in the span of the last three weeks, I see potential for needing to recruit an army of people to support what’s in front of us!

But since that’s pretty complicated, our community is discussing how to work smarter, not harder. How to stay together while sometimes having to go at some things alone for a season. Basically, we’re slowly, but surely, learning how to stay in rhythm as a community. We’re recognizing that this very rhythm is what is going to allow us to invite other players (partners) into an epic jam in the city of Pretoria. God is truly orchestrating a glorious trio of mobility. Stay tuned for our May update coming soon(ish)… as well as a few more details of our partnering initiatives.


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