On Changing

We just received a letter from Sam Metcalf, the president of Church Resource Ministries (our mother organization).  Don’t want to get into the details of it here (cus it was pretty involved about organizational changes taking place), but I had an overwhelming/unexplainable sense of joy and peace as I read over it.  Natalie and I really feel like we’ve found a home with CRM and are able to really explode into areas of our gifting and calling here.  Something stuck out though, and I wanted to reflect some of this to our readership.

CRM has been around for 30 years and is going through its eighth organizational change.  Now, I really think you have to discern the timing of major organizational shifts, but I will say that I’m for it.  I’ve come to realize that for any growing organism, if you don’t change, you die.  If you want to have a deep and spread out impact, you might want to travel light and not start relying on a building as your home.  I’ve been sensing some critical components that must be present in a transitioning community, but even more, an expanding community.  Let me explain that…

I don’t see NieuCommunities in South Africa moving into the city and just digging deep roots into a section of the city.  We have deep things to offer South Africa, and when we’re positioned well, I think we’ll have to realize that we’re a pretty mobile bunch, working in a variety of cracks and crevices all around the city, province, and nation.  What I see for us honestly explains why Clydesdale, the neighborhood we’re moving into, is perfectly situated for our long term plans.

If you read about Clydesdale on most websites, or even better, if you talk to anyone from Pretoria, you’ll realize that where we’re going is perfectly situated to get anywhere in the city relatively quickly (African time is an important element in that understanding).  Basing camp there in this season will allow us to efficiently maneuver and offer ourselves efficiently to a much wider audience.  It already is.

But change is hard.  It’s unsettling.  Thinking about your house as a temporary home means you hold things loosely.  Enter Natalie.  Every day I realize what a spot on perfect fit she is for me.  When we lost the first house in the city, she started sorting our house out… gutting it really… making us more mobile.  Being mobile with three kids under 5 is a special skill.  Nat is positioning our household for mobility.  That’s enormous while me and the rest of the community are then more able to cast our nets to the city and see what God invites us into with Him.

Tomorrow… we converse in le cafe’ with our new friend JP (university student/church planter/resident of Clydesdale/all around rad dude).

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”  Winston Churchill.


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