Hard Calls

As you all know, we’ve been looking for over 7 months now to get into the city center.  It’s taken me as long to discern what I feel has been a very hard decision.  The decision was whether or not we needed to sell our property in the North of the city in order to buy something suitable for our purposes in the city.  The best options for us to move into what we have sensed God calling us to are only for sale, nothing is for rent.  However, with that said, there may be some temporary housing situations Natalie and I will have to deal with in the mean time.

So after a long time of discerning, listening to a lot of perspectives, we’re putting in on the market.  I just want to be pretty honest here with everyone.  I have not enjoyed deciding this.  A lot is at stake in selling it.  People who are employed by the property will most likely lose their jobs (at least they will no longer be employed by us).  What we have been for so long literally is changing… completely!

As I sat with God over the last few days, I had sort of this lamenting posture about me in my prayer time.  It’s devastating to have to do this.  So much life change has happened… so many relationships were formed and mended here.  It’s a special place for so many people.  But in this place of lamenting, I sensed God asking me to trust more now than ever.  Will I trust that He indeed is calling us in a direction of depth and longevity in the city, or would I hold onto the past and let it dictate what He’s calling us to?

I shared with my friend/boss Rob that I really feel like God wants us to open our hands and say “whatever you want!!!”  Selling this property is risky in some ways, freeing in other ways… there’s just no real words for this.  But into His hands we commit our lives, our resources, and our properties to do with whatever He wishes!


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