Going Tribal

I’m not a huge fan of books on corporate leadership.  I feel like the kind of leadership we’re trying to implement has nothing to do with the business models, but rather spiritual realities.  However, I MUST give serious compliments to the authors of “Tribal Leadership”.  I’m a big fan… so much so, I’m taking our staff team through it now.  Why this book now?  Why any business leadership book in your context?  Good questions.

I’m learning some valuable lessons through the many transitions we’re going through now with NieuCommunities South Africa.  One of those lessons is the critical nature of the type of culture we’re creating.  Will we be a group of individuals looking after our pet projects and our individual passions (level 1-3 of the Tribal Leadership model) or will we be a community that seeks to win as a whole (level 4 leadership)?  To be honest, I’m not that impressed with teams that knock it out of the ball park.  I’m interested in seeing our partners win… in seeing the local church of Pretoria win… and to play our part in the collective win (level 5 leadership).  I think it’s possible, but I realize it’s going to take a lot.  Here’s some bullet points of things I’m praying for in my heart and for our team now.  Join me in these prayers as we move towards being an agent of connectivity for larger wins in South Africa.

1.  We must all lay down our agendas for the sake of a larger game plan.
2.  We must see the value in each participant at the table (the family of ministries as I’ve been referring to our partners)
3.  We must sacrifice our personal hopes and aspirations for the sake of seeing someone else succeed.
4.  We must all win, or none of us wins; we need to see wins in this light, not at the expense of anyone or anything else
5.  Part of all this will mean that I don’t offer my opinions sometimes… let others go for it.  If it works, then we all won… if it doesn’t work, my response must come from the posture of friend… co-evaluating what we can all do better next time.  It’s not about making myself look good.  If it is, then I fail… we all fail.  It’s about advancing the kingdom together.  Much harder than it sounds!


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