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Do you find yourself quick to defend when someone offends you? Do you find yourself fighting for things like your opinion, your security, your money, your agenda? It’s crazy the way God teaches me in themes. The last month has been this theme: if we’re going to win, we’re all going to win. That’s pretty general so let me break this down.

I have a deep conviction that everyone (literally) involved in our ministry should win. That requires all of us to lay down our agendas. But let’s be honest… how often does that happen? So many people have their version of the larger picture, it’s hard not to let our egos get in the way.

Recently, I picked up the copy of “Everything Belongs” by Richard Rohr. I’m kind of ignorant. I’ve never really heard of him before now, so I don’t have anything worth while to say about him. However, the first chapter has been very difficult/good to read in line with this theme I’m picking up. This idea of how much religion, drive for success, and our western culture have blinded me from being aware of God’s presence. He spoke about people who live from the center… understanding God’s presence in our midst as people who are aware of others seeking status and power for their projects and agendas but do not let others dictate their existence.

In essence, a centered person will not be “ec-centric,” bending to the anxieties others try to create for them. I have a lot to learn here! I feel like there’s something profound here on this journey towards that “level 5 tribal leader” I was speaking about before. Living from the center means I’m not so offended by peripheral issues like my preferences. I deeply want to be the kind of person who is not negatively affected by other people’s agendas. In this effort to see everyone win, I can’t let those who aren’t interested in the same thing dictate how I function as a human loved deeply by God.

Harder than it sounds.


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