So… Looks Like We Got a House!!!

These past several weeks have been a whirlwind (hence a lack in blogging). I have to update on some profound things though.

Last week, I was asked for coffee with the president of the home owners association in Clydesdale. He’s “not religous” he tells me, but liked what I told him about the community and what we’re seeking to do. He was really helpful and excited to help us get into the neighborhood as best as possible. Some of what he was excited about was how we could go through and help figure out the relationship between the poor section of Sunnyside and how they relate with the wealthier areas (that’s a gross over generalization which will be getting unpacked in the years ahead). Anyway, we’ve got a legal advocate on our side to move into some massive things in that neighborhood. Just need a house!!!

Oh wait… God was up to something big. I called on a house that was for rent (grossly overpriced). I asked Chris to come with me and Natalie to see it. It was a dodgy place, so we walked out confident in saying no to it, BUT the landlord to Chris he had a flat Chris could consider. We all went and looked at it, and it seems like a great option!

That afternoon, Chris had looked at a house right by the park (exactly where we wanted to be), and phoned me to come look at it. So I did, and it was SPECTACULAR. Yesterday, Natalie and I took the kids there to check it out and everybody loved it. We negotiated some major pricing structure issues and agreed in principle on the rent price. Basically, one of the main issues we were facing was landlords expecting us to find tenets for mini-apartments on the property (all of Clydesdale has this situation pretty much). That’s like $400 more per month we’d have to figure out and fight to get a tenet. I asked if they’d let us just pay for the house (which NONE of the other two we had looked at were willing to do). They agreed, and might even leave some furniture in the house for us to use for the community!!! I cannot explain this… other than the other night saying to God, “I really can’t deal with this anymore. I feel like we’re just going to have to stay in the North until our contract runs out and then make a plan (another 8 months).” God wasn’t as keen on my plan 😉

I write this as Natalie and I are preparing to go sign the contract and put down our deposit. If all goes as planned, we’ll move the week of June 28th (the middle of World Cup).


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