The Kingdom… Feel It (ministry update)

I was confronted with something interesting yesterday. We have lost a sense of weeping as it relates to our faith. Confused, I dug that out more. I don’t see where I’m supposed to weep all the time… but then was quickly reminded of the overwhelming sense of awe I had when all three of our kids emerged into the world, the day I married Natalie (I was such a sap), and when I’m aware of God’s full presence in my midst.

Why would I NOT weep?

How could I NOT weep?

Yesterday, our church community (3rd Place) literally spoke about the reality of the Kingdom of God being a present reality. That has implications for life now. Just as it did when Jesus said it, it blew people’s minds. I left last night’s service overwhelmed with the sense that God had just embraced hearts. God’s presence was realized, and it changed things. Like a baby, I began to weep.

I’ve taught this SO many times. Pierre (the pastor of 3rd Place) has taught this SO many times. Other teachers there have said the same things SO many times… but it grabbed people last night. After so many times of preaching the message Jesus gave his disciples to preach (“tell them the kingdom of God is near them”), people began to understand it more fully.


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