Ministry, or Just Playing at the Park?

Is the entirety of my life centered around joining God in all things? Really? Is how I interact with the grocery store clerk integrated intimately with my connection to Jesus? How do I know if it is?

Why even stress about it?

I was reflecting on the first week in our neighborhood this morning and asking myself questions around this line. During this reflection, I had this overwhelming sense of, “WOOOO… CHILL OUT!!!” I tend to drive things, try to make things happen. But to be honest, in this first week of being in the neighborhood, I just took the kids across the street to the park with a ball and their bikes. I did life in the park with my family. I met about 10 neighbors and learned some really valuable information about the neighborhood…all while kicking a ball with Ezra.

Perhaps reclaiming the world for Jesus is that simple.

Why do we complicate it with highly complex systems and programs? Do those things help or hurt the process? Maybe they do both. Not sure I’m gonna over think this. I sense Jesus inviting our community into specific things and NOT inviting us into other things. We are learning to listen intently and walk strategically to the call of Jesus in this season. It’s taking us down some sweet rabbit holes.


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