Life Compass – Helping People Find Vision

Over the weekend, I co-led an incredible process with my community mate, Chris. Life Compass is a process that NieuCommunities has adapted from other divisions of CRM. It is a tool that many have found to be a critical tool in discovering perspective for their future trajectory. This was the first time that we have run it in a two day format.

Let me say this: going from a 2 week process to a 2 day process, there are undoubtedly going to be some kinks to work out. However, what we discovered with our friends who went through this is that we’ve tapped into a deep need in this culture. I’d venture to say it’s a global need, especially for those in their 20’s & 30’s (possibly even beyond). The process looks at your life story (a detailed timeline), evaluates your gifts, interests, values, etc… and helps you draw out a common theme or vision. We believe that our future is determined in part by our pasts. Much of what we’ve learned about ourselves sets us on pace for our future. God took us through things for reasons, and when we learn from those moments, we will be in a better position to serve him accurately in the future.

25 people signed up for the course, only 14 showed up. But we were highly encouraged by what came of this. One guy told me that “it changed the trajectory of my future”. That response kind of surprised me, but it was welcomed! A handful of the others shared how necessary it was in helping them make major life decisions at this point in their journey. Everyone seemed to hint that they felt like their unique contribution may not be a glamorous one for the kingdom, but after going through this process, they felt like their part was just as critical as the teachers and the leaders of the church. NOW WE’RE COOKIN!

This gives me life and deep hope. Fourteen South Africans have/are discovering their ultimate kingdom contribution and are enacting on it.

God is stirring it up in Pretoria… I can’t believe we get to be part of this!


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