Processing Malaysia

Last week, Natalie, Malachi and I flew to Langkawi, Malaysia to join the other 400 missionaries of CRM for their World Wide Conference. It was LOADED with some really great moments, some really challenging moments, and some really inspiring moments. I want to give some of my take-aways here in bullet form…

1. I have been hurt by Christians in my past. And to top it off, I’ve let those moments control me as I’ve walked rather weakly towards God’s calling. I’ve bought deeply into lies that I’m not a trustworthy person, that I’m an incompetent leader, and that someone is pretty crazy to have asked me to take on leading our team into all these changes. God met me in some of those dark corners. It started with a 2 hour midnight walk on the beach with a very good friend. He spoke the voice of God into those deep spots and started me on a healing process. A stranger prayed over me that morning and told me that he sensed God wanting me to know that I’m not only trustworthy, but that He has more in store for me to pick up because I’m SO trustworthy. He told me that he also sensed God telling me that I’m creative and that I need to tap into that. Then that night, my friend Sam, the president of CRM prayed for Natalie and I. He held my chin up and spoke to the core of it. Looking in my eyes, holding my chin he told me “You are anointed to lead. And you are a good leader.” If you’ve ever met Sam, you’ll know the intensity of that and the necessity my soul had to hear it in that way. I’m thankful that God’s pushing into those dark spots of my soul and freeing me from the lies I’ve listened to for too long now. And in some ways, I can look back at the wholeness of my ministry life and see how I’ve neglected the fullness of my calling because of those times in my past. God will reclaim it all.

2. I am LIT with inspiration and drive right now. I feel like God was just saying, “throw this kerosine on that fire and watch what happens”. Like a 5 year old with a match, I’m curious! We have some incredible people on our team, and some incredible people we’re dialoging with about joining NieuCommunities for a season of their lives starting early next year. I can see a lot of critical momentum coming together and starting to move in the same direction. It’s gonna be an explosion for sure.

3. I’m convinced… convinced that South Africans carry a healing agent in their understanding of God that will bring deep healing to broken places around the globe. I got that picture of my friend Daleen Ward (who, along with her husband Bryan, started NieuCommunities in South Africa). They are heading back to St. Paul, MN to help CRM start a ministry there. I think she’s only the first in an Army of South Africans that will be sent back to America as missionaries. I think there’s a need for outside voices in every context of the globe, and I’m excited to help my friends here figure out how to get to those destinations. I also got that picture of a few friends here (who shall remain nameless 😉 ) going to some of the harder parts of America (like Boston, New York, LA, etc…)… taking Jesus to the broken and speaking life there. Who knows… God’s already been stirring, and we’re excited to help sort out the path forward to see God’s name become renowned all over the world.

We get to do this together friends. Thanks so much for the constant love and support. And we’ll see you (America) early November!


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