Playing in the Kingdom Playground

This morning, I woke up and prayed the Lord’s Prayer. At the end of it, I just asked God if I could simply play in the kingdom playground today and see what friends might come up to kick the ball around with. I should pray that every morning!

-Had coffee with Sergio, the car guard from our church. He was beaten badly Sunday night trying to stop car thieves who successfully robbed him, the car and left him for dead. He’s literally one of my all time heros. He’s doing okay, but I’m going to try and help him get some of what he lost back (a bunch of money and his cell phone).

-Had extensive meeting with the outgoing CEO of Tshwane Leadership Foundation and his wife (Stephen and Wilna de Beer). They basically started one of the most critical ministries (my opinion) in Pretoria. We (NieuCommunities) are going to start providing some training, coaching, and possibly counseling to their staff as we continue to ask the question “how do we as a community mentor and send South Africans into SUSTAINABLE mission here?” They gave me a laundry list long enough to have me hire about 50 other people. Time to get creative. Looks like God just multiplied our influence beyond our abilities today! I LOVE that. Now we get to sit back and watch God work through us and dispense some creative synergy as a growing ministry team. It’s going to be awesome.

-Had a great follow up with a really great friend, Maxie. She did Life Compass with Chris and I a couple weeks ago, and is thus asking massive questions about future.

Can you believe we get to be part of this? Thanks donors, friends, and family… these stories of Jesus infiltrating Pretoria, South Africa, Africa and the globe are ours to share in!


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