Some Lessons I’m Learning

I want to preface to say that I’m no expert… I feel like such a student each day of the week, it’s kind of scary sometimes. But the posture of student has warranted some pretty rad lessons along the way. I had one today I felt would be good to share.

I’m starting to think that good leadership is helping your team fully live into their calling (or at least this is a part of it). Let me step back. I’ve learned a long time ago that I’m best utilized as an explorer of potential opportunity. I’m also pretty good and connecting people into those new opportunities where they will thrive. Even in jobs I don’t think I was very good at (working for Pathfinders), I used those gifts and they served me well.

Today, I got reports from two of my main teammates about their work in said environments. They were on fire. It was one of these really weird moments of feeling like all the sweat and tears is actually bringing life to people who will serve in those places. I always thought ministry was about those we served. But it’s about both sides. My team is growing deeply in their gifting and calling. The environments are getting clearer and bigger. People are being brought closer to Jesus every day. It’s a sweet feeling.

HOWEVER, there is still glimmers of wishfulness inside of me. When the guys were talking to me today, I have to admit I was a bit jealous I couldn’t be with both of them. While I’ll always find myself in those environments as well, I am learning that sometimes, in certain environments, I’m actually better on the sidelines calling in plays rather than always being “on”. After all, when you have superstars on your team, your best mode of getting the win is getting them in the right position to succeed.

Good work today NCSA. I’m proud to be part of you.


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