Naitai – Church Planting Explosion in Pretoria

He’s not a main line icon in the South African Church. He’s not invited to speak at massive conferences. The guys that should be never are though. His name is Naitai. He, along with a gang of church planters, are responsible for storming the gates of hell in Pretoria in the name of Jesus Christ.

I had the privilege of spending a brief afternoon with Naitai yesterday. Our connection was “random” if you look at it through the lenses of the world, but God’s been teaching me to take those frames off. Jody, who is in a season of discernment with our community (asking whether he belongs here full time or not) met one of the church planters in this network and is attending the plant. Then, Naitai, the guy who started 5 churches in the area, came around, met Jody, and asked to meet me. They’ve been praying for someone to walk with their church planters, provide coaching, training, etc… So basically… NieuCommunities.

So now what? I’m learning to walk into these types of relationships like you would a girl on a first date. You never bring a ring that first time. We discussed that. He and I both agreed that this felt bigger than a random encounter, but we wanted to both walk in discernment and see what could develop. As you can imagine though, this really sparks a LOT of interest in my heart. God’s been working in some profound ways, and NieuCommunities is finding her niche in that wave.


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