Our Current Situation

As we prepare to come back to America for a few months, I’ve been contemplating how to express what’s been going on here.  I have no idea how to compact the magnitude of what we’ve witnessed God do in the lives of so many people.  These last 6 months have been intense months (hence the lack of blogging), but it’s not because we’ve been sitting around waiting for a story.  The stories are engulfing us!

Here we are!  A year since taking over at NieuCommunities and we’re simply in awe!  We have established some healthy structures, made solid relationships with key partners in the city that has allowed us to exponentially increase our impact in the city, are looking at expanding into the townships nearby, and we’re only getting started.  I believe our community has heard from God in specific ways and has responded to those nudges in obedience.  And now I’m faced with another reality.

We are currently looking at a deficit of about $500 a month in our personal funding.  That may not seem like that much, but the reality is, it’s about half of our rent.  The way the dollar has been going here also makes our situation a bit difficult.  We’re transferring dollars at an amount much less than we had budgeted for it.  So now, I’m in a position of having to ask for some serious help!

I wouldn’t ask if…

1.  We didn’t actually need it
2.  We didn’t believe what you were giving to was making a difference.

NieuCommunities has seen a massive growth this year in actual output.  We’re sending three times more people out than we ever have before… with less people, less resources, and less Americans.  Part of this has been obedience to what we’ve heard God ask of us.  One of those key components was moving into the city and out of the Northern suburbs.  While that’s been a critical part, it’s greatly increased our cost of living.  So if you have capacity in your budgets for 2011, we would ask you to consider joining our financial team to keep pushing into Pretoria what God has in store for us!

If you’re keen to join in, please check out this link and get on board!


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