Reflections on Pace

God sometimes gives me the gift of a car repair that takes longer than a week to remind me of my humanity. With a car, you can move around quickly, usually missing the comings and goings of life that happens in the city. You aren’t forced to interact with people you don’t want to… except for the every so often car jacking, beggar, and salesman with cheap toys for the kids. Something happens to your soul when you’re forced to simply walk.

Walking changes how I function and plan a day. It changes my pace. Things slow down and you can actually see things going by you. In my natural tendencies, I prefer speed and movement. I like to get places, see things accomplished, but I’m learning that sometimes God actually wants us to do both go and slow. My natural tendencies aren’t bad. Much fruit has come from being able to push things out. But what needs learned now is the back and forth of healthy pace. Deep AND wide.

The difficulty I find is the internal wrestling of casting my net to the side that has the most fish. In doing that (fast pace), I see a lot of tangible results, but can often miss the more tasty fish that requires a more costly bate and hook to sink lower from the surface. Sometimes fast is necessary. Other times, slow is necessary. I’m learning to gauge rhythms with all my relationships. I’m learning what boundaries are healthy to keep in certain relationships. And I’m having the sweetest prayer walks through the city thanks to my blown head gasket (is that image not so perfect for this post?).


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