2010 in Review


In our preparations to come spend 9 awesome weeks in America, we decided we would do our best to condense the last year into a four page report. To do that, I have left a LOT of critical people, projects, and key situations out. For that I apologize. I would say, that without Curtis Love and Chris Kamalski, this report would have been about one page. If you’re ever graced to know these two, you’ll have experienced something incredible I assure you.

Natalie and I went back and forth on this report too. Is it too much, is it too technical, is it… but at the end of the day, we’re hoping that you will all read this and let it set the tone for our conversations while we’re with you. We’ll do better to explain this in person with you than reading (I’m a teacher, not a writer ;)… but we also wanted to make sure we were being as completely open about what’s happening here as people would care to know. SO, with that… enjoy!!! (and if anything else, scan the document for some awesome pictures of the fam (and see if you can trace out Joe’s newly forming bald spot).


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