Year End Stuff

I’ve been getting contacted by a few people about possible year end contributions they could make.  That’s been really encouraging, so thank you to everyone considering helping out this time of year!  For those of you who might be interested, we could really use the help as we kick off 2011.  Here’s how you can do it (easiest to hardest ;)).

1.  Mail a check to CRM and have it postmarked by December 31.  Make the check payable to Church Resource Ministries and put “Joe & Natalie Reed” in the memo line.  You can mail it to this address

Church Resource Ministries
1240 N. Lakeview Ave. Suite 120
Anaheim CA 92807

2.  Call my friends at the head office to do it with a credit card over the phone.  You can call 800-777-6658 and the amazing folks there will set you up!

Thanks again for all the love and support.  We couldn’t continue this work without it!  It was really great to be with everyone on this furlough as well.  Potentially the next update on here will be coming to you live from South Africa!


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