FAQ Series : (1) What do you guys do?

November and December have been quite a blitz for us but we are really excited to have spent some quality time with so many of you.  During our time back, there have been several commonly asked questions that we wanted to address for those we didn’t get to see.  From the long list, we’ve pulled out three to tackle over the next few days.  Please feel free to email us here if you have any others you’d like to discuss, and we’ll do our best to get in touch!

What do you guys do?
NieuCommunities South Africa exists to build strong South African Christian leadership.  Our role is to strengthen South African Christian leaders who will lead healthy Christian ministries that reach their section of the world for Christ.

How we do what we do…
Our primary method of work is in the coaching relationship with key Christian leaders in Pretoria.  In bi-weekly coaching sessions, we’re helping key leaders think strategically through the process of reaching their areas of influence more effectively.  Coaching has been our most effective tool, but in itself is not fully sufficient to accomplish what God is calling us into.

One thing we have noticed is that in Pretoria, leadership receives little spiritual care.  NieuCommunities sees part of its role to pastor pastors and other ministry directors.  We do that in a variety of settings (retreats, Bible studies, worship nights).  Healthy leaders have healthy hearts and we see part of our role of building strong South African leadership as shepherding these hearts.

Leaders are learners and NieuCommunities has developed some very helpful tools over the years to build strength into Christian leadership.  As we enter into relationships with key ministries around Pretoria, we have found that pulling these materials out has been a helpful tool to help us meet our overarching goal of building strong South African leaders.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the answer to the question “Why don’t you do these things in America?”


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