FAQ Series : (3) When are you guys coming back?

This question is complex, but the simple answer is that we’re committing to at least two more years (through December 2012).  When we first started with NieuCommunities, we had a three year commitment in mind.  Since taking over leadership of the ministry, we feel like every two years we need to evaluate that commitment.  It works out well for us because we are scheduled to come back to the United States every two years.

Keeping that in mind, we also realize that God can at times call us to places longer or shorter than we have set in our mind.  So while we set our focus on what is in front of us, we remain wide open to God directing us wherever He desires to put us.  Please continue to pray with us that everyday we could hear him accurately and would be guided by His voice.

One challenge that we need to address, however, is the financing to coming back to the States.  Part of our monthly budget is set aside to save for this trip back.  Our organization sees this trip as a critical part of our ministry and overall health.  To do that, we need to get closer to our monthly budget goal of $4500 per month.


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