3rd Culture Space

In June of 2009, I was introduced to a new term : “3rd Culture Kids”.  This is the term given to children who are ex-patriotized due to parental work requirements (a.k.a, doing mission work in South Africa).  I didn’t pay much attention at the time simply because our kids are so young.  HOWEVER, I think it’s worth making a note about this reality because I think that Natalie and I are starting to feel the realities of being 3rd Culture Adults.

Being back in the States for furlough was great AND difficult.  It was great because we saw people we love deeply.  It was difficult because our values, worldview, and culture have shifted… and so have America’s!  (Not in bad ways, just in different ways)  It’s AMAZING how much technology changes in 2 years.  It’s AMAZING how sick I feel now when I attempt to eat a large deep dish pizza by myself.  What’s happening to me!!!  Why can’t I finish that pizza anymore?

I put this in an update here because I think it’s important for people to understand more of the inner-workings of us.  What makes us tick, think, operate… you know, why we do what we do.  I think God puts all of us through seasons of “liminal space”.  The space between where you once were and where you are going.  I think our work in South Africa has definitely been a school ground where God is rocking our worlds and teaching us more than we ever could anywhere else.  I think this feeling of just not fitting nice and neatly in any one country is playing a big part in our formation right now.  I’m excited about the formation, I’m not sure how I like not fitting in fully anywhere.  (though many of my friends would say I’ve never really fit in anywhere… fair enough ;)).

So for our spiritual formation path, God has us feeling this weird sensation.  Excited to report more of THOSE things in the coming months!


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