I Actually DON’T Belong! And That’s OK!

Over the last two months, there has been a pretty massive undertaking of my (Joe) soul.  Our time in America was riddled with friends dealing with major marital issues as well as our realization that we had been out of America long enough not to fully fit into it nicely anymore.  We arrived back in South Africa January 1 realizing that here too, we don’t fit too nicely.  To keep things piled on, on January 18, my grandfather passed away.  I was a bit stunted emotionally with everything.  I couldn’t be with my family to mourn with them.  In some ways, I felt like I didn’t belong to my family either.

This might give a window into my lack of blogging and communication back to the States.  I haven’t been fine.

I was scheduled to preach on January 30 right in the middle of this emotion roller coaster.  God had a funny sense of humor given that I was assigned the Beatitudes in Matthew.  The whole premise of the Beatitudes being that all types of people who wouldn’t normally belong… actually do.  They don’t REALLY belong in their given categories… they belong in the Kingdom with Him.

As I sat there with tear stained notes and scriptures, Jesus leaned over me and said two lines.  “You need to stop trying to belong to your passport and rental agreements.  If it’s just you and me, it’s all you need.”

So I write this, half apologizing for the lack of correspondence back, and half hopeful that you too will find the meaninglessness of what you find identity in that is apart from Jesus.  All those things fall away in the end.  Even your nationality.


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