Leverage – Developing Partners

There’s an old adage that says if you want to be effective, you need to work smarter, not harder.  That’s hard to sell in our “busy” culture.  Ask anyone you want on any given Sunday morning about how their week has been.  I’d bet 9 out of 10 say something about their current level of “busy-ness”.  I’m tired of that thought process and would rather my team and I work smart, not hard.  That’s why we added the two layers to our work in South Africa.

In Luke 10, Jesus instructed his disciples to go out into different towns and work under the umbrella of a “person of peace”.  There is so much to be said for this.  The application for cross-cultural living, I think, is that we’re not guaranteed to stay in the host country forever.  So rather than assuming I ought to start ministry to reach the hundreds, perhaps I could leverage these people of peace to reach the thousands.  (But really, numbers aren’t everything).  After all, they are the real heroes here.  Our role is more of an Aaron holding up the arms than the Moses calling the shots (not everyone agrees with my missiology).

Who are these new partners and do we really have a place to work with them?  In other words, do we really make any impact?

John & Lequanza work with Pretoria Evangelism & Nurture (PEN).  They reach hundreds of children every day in the urban center.  John has also planted a church in Sunnyside (part of our neighborhood).

William is leading 100 first year University students through a reconciliation study this year using Desmond Tutu’s work “No Future Without Forgiveness”.

JP runs major development projects in two different townships making a massive impact on hundreds of lives every day.

Are you getting the idea behind leverage?  More profiles coming up!


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