Leverage – As Thing Stand Now

In the last post, I wanted to give you a small taste of a few areas we have been developing partnerships in.  The general categories where we are developing these relationships would be…

  • University Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry – Urban and Rural/Various roles (homework help, feeding programs, clothing distribution, life skills course, etc…)
  • Orphan Care
  • Church Planting
  • Prison Ministry
  • Ministry among the poor – Urban and Rural
  • Discipleship Ministries

I only have three full time staff.  We’ve only invited 10 key leaders into our weekly rhythm.  We only partner with a handful of other ministries.

What I discovered about 18 months ago was that NieuCommunities South Africa has a unique contribution to South Africa.  When our team focuses on just our unique contribution, we are more effective in leveraging the kingdom in multiple environments.  If we were required to start and operate ministries in the above list, we could never do it all.  Focusing on the strengths we have, we’re helping develop stronger ministry potential BY South African leaders FOR South Africa’s future.

If you partner with us financially, I felt like I should explain how dissatisfied I was until I could diversify that kingdom portfolio.  Your gifts to us are gifts to planting churches, developing University Ministry, etc… it’s not just feeing our three kids (but that’s pretty important too).

If you would like to join us financially, please follow this link!


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