Church Planting and the Middle East Domino Affect (1 of 3)

Every newspaper on the planet has hosted its emerging story.  There is a sweeping revolution happening among Middle Eastern nations.  Many have been saying this is a change that came from out of no where, but we know better than that.  Years of protesting, human rights movements, and the likes have been going on.  So what tipped?  Why is there a domino affect taking off now, and what might God be up do in it all?

First, look at what is NOT present.

  • No (or little) Budget.
  • No Rented Venue.
  • No (or few) Professionals.

So how is this movement taking over an entire region?  (taken from Steve Addison’s work)

  • Faith.
  • Commitment to a cause.
  • Contagious relationships.
  • Rapid Mobilization.
  • Adaptive Methods.

What can this teach the Church?


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