Church Planting and the Middle East Domino Affect (3 of 3)

What if our assumptions are wrong?  Or what if they’re not wrong?  What if they just aren’t as important or fruitful as other assumptions?  I guess how one defines “fruitful” is also going to challenge the way we think of participating in a movement of God.

Something is happening in the Middle East that is screaming in our faces as we think of discipling the nations and following God into His ongoing work.  Some of the questions these last several weeks are challenging us in now are…

  • What is Jesus asking us to participate in that He’s up to already?
  • Why do I naturally tend to over-think and over-complicate the process of obedience towards those things?
  • What if the things I think my organization needs to spend money on, they don’t really?
  • What if what I think is important really slows things down?

Perhaps we need to re-evaluate our assumptions and be challenged to stretch out beyond what we ever thought possible.  I mean, people are protesting on the streets of Iran.  Who would have thought that could happen?  I think Jesus is up to more than we’re paying attention to!


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