Twitterizing the Gospel

Twitter, Facebook, Myspace… these things have exploded in the first decade of the millennium.  It reminds me of the “Kevin Bacon Game” we used to play in Middle School.  You know that game where you have to figure out six degrees of separation to the actor Kevin Bacon?  That’s not important, but you and your 150 Facebook friends are.

What if the church could tap into the social network of every individual they reach, equip those individuals to start a simple church in their homes or neighborhood parks, coffeehouses, whatever… and something much deeper and wider could reach our cities for Jesus?  (Like a dandelion spreads it’s deep rooted problems across our backyards).

I’m not suggesting that “house church” as many are familiar with it is necessarily the new best thing in church models.  There’s still a place for some of the current expressions.  I just wonder if there are ways we could push out our boxes of understanding and twitterize the gospel.  Not in that highly removed sense of social media, where one sits in front a computer far removed from their network of “friends”.  Rather, real life relationships with neighbors and co-workers transformed into spaces of growth and personal transformation.

What’s the worst that could happen?

What if?


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