What Jesus Does (Noel’s Story)

It was a normal Tuesday night like any other we have hosted over the past year.  Yet Jesus decided to do something unique in our community that February night.  But I am jumping ahead of myself.  Let me introduce you to one of the young leaders God has brought into our midst this year.

Noel Chitorido is the first member of his family to pursue a University degree.  With the many troubles that his home nation, Zimbabwe, is facing presently, this feat is even more impressive.  His effort has not been met without opposition.  For over a year, his father has been pursuing the local witch doctor (called a “Sangoma”) to pray against his son.  Since these activities began, Noel has been dealing with very difficult heart problems accompanied by very high blood pressure.  The doctors had not been able to help Noel.

Come back to our Tuesday night training gathering.  It had come to our attention that the pain was increasing as Noel had started classes.  We knew that God wanted to do something, so we did all that we knew how.  We leaned over our brother, spoke truth into his life that opposed the words of his family, anointed his chest with oil while laying hands on him and asked Jesus to heal our friend.

Turn the clock about 12 hours ahead.  Noel finds himself in a doctor’s office yet again.  This time was different though.  He felt no pain.  The doctor took his blood pressure and assured Noel that he was in perfect health!

This will forever be a crucial point in the life of our community.  We know that the name of Jesus carries authority over all things.  Moving into the future, listening to His voice, we will choose to always believe He is in control.


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