Prayer as a Key Role

Honestly, I come from a thought pattern that would tell you prayer is a time filler.  When you have accomplished all of the items in your to-do list, then you pray.  God has not been very pleased with this in me, so He’s shaking me in the night.  Have you ever had those nights where you just stir around and become emotional about your context?  I have had more nights in 2011 where I have been woken up in tears, going to prayer Pretoria, South Africa, and Africa as a whole more times than I can count.  Some thoughts…

  • Prayer connects me to God’s heart.  When I’m in this space, He gives me His brokenness for this context and I begin to own it.
  • Prayer gives me instructions.  I think seeing God heal Noel last week made tangible something that had been intellectual for too long.  God wants us to fight for the hearts (physical, spiritual, emotional hearts) for His people.  We KNEW God wanted us to lay hands on Noel that night, and He did something amazing as a result.
  • Prayer gives me identity.  Task lists are not my identity.  I’m God’s child and Jesus wants me to obey Him.  I’m not impressing Him much with adding things to my calendar that He never invited me to add (see Matthew 7.21-29).  Funny thing… I’m preaching on that passage this week.  God always gives me these texts and takes me through hard lessons before I present them.
  • Prayer is my primary job.  Enough said.

These are just a few things I’m noticing.  Obviously not an exhaustive list.


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