Ravens Will Feed You

Sunday evening, a gentleman came to me and said he had a word from God.  I tend to listen to this because, well… you just never know.  It could make for interesting party stories later, or really bring you to your knees in awe of God.  This was an awe-some story.

He said to me, “I feel like God wants you to know that he will bring ravens to feed you.”  Random.  But then when he explained it further, he made the comment that as we need, He will keep providing.  I must remain obedient, keep going, and wait.


The past two weeks have been pretty difficult with funding issues.  I wasn’t sure what God was trying to communicate to us through it all.


Less than a minute past after this gentleman’s word came to me.  Two guys came up and handed me enough cash to pay school fees for March.  They had no idea how much we needed.  It was exactly what we needed.

I suppose God has sent some ravens.  Praise the Lord!


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