Coaching Kings part 1

Matthew 7.21-23 was part of a passage I recently preached from.  Notice how Jesus tells people who filled up their schedules with impressive ministries that He doesn’t even know them.  He even brushes them to the side as if to say, “um, the people I really want to talk are there, and you’re in the way.”  Ever felt like you didn’t do enough, or impress enough people in your ministry?

I have.

Actually, one of the hardest things to explain to people here who don’t get NieuCommunities is how much impact one of the things we do actually has.


Have you watched “the King’s Speech”?  If not, stop reading this, go watch it, and come back.

Did you watch it?  Ok now let’s go on…

There is a scene at the very end of the movie where the King has just rocked out his first radio broadcast without a blunder in his speech.  He is going out to greet his country just after.  The camera picks up a FANTASTIC angle on the speech coach standing just behind the full facial shot of the king.  He was blurred, but you could see the smile.

The King received the applause, but without that coach, I don’t think there would have been that scene.  We write coaching off as a luxury, but I am more and more convinced every day I walk with people here how important it is.  I don’t think we’re experts on ministry.  I think we just ask people really hard questions they have to wrestle with in order to get to the next place.  But coaching has something else behind it that I’m discovering and I’ll share it with you in the next post.


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