Coaching Kings part 2

Come back to the Matthew passage again (Mt. 7.21-23).  The reason I include this is because many have suggested that NieuCommunities do lots of things.  I’ve been told it all, so I won’t list them.  But as I sit in my prayer space and ask God to guide us… as I ask my co-leaders to do the same and then collaborate with me… we’re pretty sure God’s inviting us into some specific areas.  And we’ve tried very hard to be obedient to those specific things.

Our calendars aren’t very full with busy projects.

I spent a few coaching sessions with a young man from the University of Pretoria towards the end of last year.  I asked him some pretty challenging questions about a task he was feeling God calling him to take on : rip out a racial prejudice DNA inside one of the resident halls and replace it with a Jesus DNA.

100 first year students from all walks of South Africa’s rainbow of people are reading Desmond Tutu’s “No Future Without Forgiveness”.  They’re discussing racial tensions and how to end them.

12 upper class-men are leading alongside my coachee, working to uproot a negative DNA and replace it with a Kingdom one.  Some of them will join our regular training venue, others may just be coached by my coachee, and we might do other things with this group in the future.

They said that couldn’t be done.  I was told to spend my time on other things.

My team will be those guys in the backdrop applauding the King as he receives his recognition.  And we’ll be applauding too as we look for the next King to call to the front.

Choose what Jesus puts in front of you and watch a nation get changed.


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