Coaching Kings part 3 : Healing

It’s tricky to write about this topic because many people have weird experiences.  I will only write from what I’ve personally witnessed.  Honestly, the theoretical nature of things is rarely helpful without real life story.

Coaching does something else that I think makes it a necessary tool in ministry.  We help bring people back to Jesus for healing.  Sometimes physical, but even as important, emotional.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked with a coachee here who on the surface would intimidate the life out of a male lion, but when brought to the core of their pain they’re brought to full fledge tears.

I think in Christianity, we’ve said salvation is the answer.  We must save people so they go to heaven when they die (apparently a hot topic in Christianity as well right now).  But what about freedom?  I’ve seen a lot of really un-free Christians walking around.  In our work, I see even more leaders who walk around in chains.  Sure, they look and sound impressive, and do really amazing things, but they’re not free.  They live with baggage and lies that the enemy keeps pouring oil on.

In coaching, we get to take people to the feet of Jesus to be healed.  I’ve seen leaders stand up taller, run farther, dream bigger, and accomplish more after they find freedom.  I’m becoming less interested in bringing people to salvation without also bringing them to freedom.  They are different and I believe our work (NCSA) requires us to do both things or else our ministry is very wide but not very deep.  We’ve said this before… “We must always be a square community.  We must never go too deep without going out wide, and we must never go too wide that we lose our depth.”


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