Listening to Clydesdale

Tonight, our community is going to be joining our neighborhood for the annual association meeting.  I’ve met many of the people involved in the board of this, have read their materials concerning this meeting, and am excited to keep listening.

I wanted to give you a snapshot into one of the topics of concern.  Homelessness in our area and what to do about it.  We live across the street from the park, so we’re presented first hand with this.  I won’t give you any perspective on this issue as we’re still listening to the whole story of Clydesdale.  It’s never a nice response, but we are praying that God will speak to our community how to lovingly respond to all sides of all the issues.

If Jesus submerged here, how would He respond?  Because He is submerged here, and He’s inviting us to be His response. This picture was taken in March 2011 @Myrtle Park in Clydesdale


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