Ninja Update

I realize I’ve been absent on the blog this month.  There’s a lot of reasons for that, but I won’t bore you with them here.  I do, however want to give you an update on the Ninjas at the University (the group of guys trying to generate a new kind of Jesus DNA in their Res hall after years of oppressive/hateful DNA has reigned there.)

I met with Will, as I do regularly for a coaching session.  We started discussing how the NieuCommunities process could benefit their efforts and potentially create a wave of response across other resident halls there.  We both sensed that we needed to step in bigger than just coaching a few of their guys, but rather really walk with them as a whole group and help see a movement come to life.

Some of the things we were discussing were curious to me.  I’ve been studying up on a process happening in the Middle East with our mother organization on Church Planting Movements.  There’s a big conference in Dallas this June that I’ll have to miss out on, but I’ve been reading their materials.  Anyway, it feels like the suggestions that Will was making, as well as Lou from previous times with him, that what we’re discussing is right in line with this church planting movement philosophy.

This week, Will and I are putting some initial thoughts and prayers together for the group, and then starting May 2, NieuCommunities is going to begin digging in more regularly with this group of guys.  We’re excited to see what forms from it!


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