The Complexity of Blogging Your Experiences

  • If I share this information, will I undo all the things God has been at work in with this person?
  • What if they read it, will they feel exposed?
  • Am I breaking confidentiality?
  • Do I share too much anyway?”

Over the course of these last two months, we have seen God do some extreme things.  Depending on which set of eyes I view the world through, I’d say those extremes have been both positive and negative.  If I really had kingdom eyes though, it’s all positive.  The difficulty is how to communicate stories for outsiders to experience it with you.  You can change characters’ names, but the stories reveal the true identity.

This can be read as a cop out for not updating more frequently, and that is not the heart behind this either.  So what is the best answer to all of this?

Seriously.  I’m asking.

I have no idea how to better communicate some of these insanely awesome stories, but I’m going to do my best.  In speaking with some of the guys in our community who seem to be doing better in the blog world, they’ve given me a few ideas to toy around with.  So I’ll do my best over the next several weeks to try adding writing as a crucial party of my spiritual rhythm.  The beauty of the blog is that I don’t have to impress you with my writing skills (or lack there of), but just get the stories out of me and share as appropriate.  Funny thing though, the next post may seem to fly in the face of this!  Stay tuned!


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