Clinging to Communion

I am attempting to be more disciplined in writing.  To do that, I felt it would help to lay out some general framework for my writing.  In NieuCommunities, we focus on three primary growth areas for formation.  Communion, Community & Context.  We grow in these three areas as we journey through six naturally unfolding postures that help guide our process (Listening, Submerging, Inviting, Contending, Imagining, & Entrusting).  I thought I would attempt to shape my writing under the banners of Communion, Community & Context.  I would hope that you might learn something from our postures as we go along.

For today…

During our quarterly retreat, I was reflecting on the gospel accounts where Jesus was healing various people and telling them not to tell anyone what has just happened to them.  I know some of the practicality of why Jesus had done that, but it seemed that God was speaking something more to me.  So I put down my Bible and took a walk.

“Why do you give away your gold?”

Random question to an outside eye.  You would need to have journeyed with me for a while before you understood why this question shook me to the brink of tears.  You see, there’s junk in my past (yes, I know, I’m human too) that leads me to feel the need to over communicate.  That’s not interesting for right now.  But just know that I have this tendency.  So what I do is I begin bringing in other people into processes with me far before I really own the vision God’s given me.

What happens?

They hear this unformed vision through the lenses of their own lives and process and miss what God was telling me specifically.  They’re not bad people, just misinformed.  That’s bad leadership.  But that’s still not the point I’m driving home.

I’m thinking that sometimes God doesn’t want us to share what we’re learning from Him.  Sometimes, I think he wants us to linger in the revelations He’s given us.  Maybe not forever, but longer than we tend to.  I think God wants to hand us a golden ring that only fits our fingers and just wants an intimate moment with us.

After he gave me that freedom, he started telling me some sweet stuff.


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