7 Nations on My Birthday

Every so often, we open up our living room to people to come and worship and pray together.  It’s really chilled out and usually quite profound.  This was another one of those nights.  Last Tuesday, we had about twenty-five people from around seven nationalities (I didn’t get a great count, there may have been more actually) all crammed into our living room reading scripture, praying and worshiping.  No one really knew anyone else, everyone’s theology was different (you could tell when people prayed out loud), but there were some pretty common threads.



I think that was a piece of heaven on earth that Jesus prayed would come.

As a few of the folks left, two women I had never met asked if they could pray over me.  As they prayed, the one looked at me in the eye and began speaking as if she knew what God and I had been wrestling with that morning.  It was quite a profound experience.  I’ve had this happen several times over the last year, and I’m learning that God wants to speak to me deeply in these moments.  I don’t want to give away all of this yet as I’m still processing it, but perhaps the core of the message could be of help to some of you tonight.

“God sees that you want to go deeper into Him.  He has equipped you to do certain things.  He will not let that which holds you back hold you back forever.  He will make a way.  You are making a way for others to come behind you.  God is not finished with what He’s started.  God does love the core of you even if you you resigned all that you strive for.  You’re good enough, worthy enough, and He loves you immensely.”


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