Turning Widgets

God’s ways rarely seem to be our ways.  Have you noticed that?  I was certain that coming to South Africa meant we would work more in the AIDS pandemic, alleviate poverty, or address another major known issue.  Getting into the fabric of this society, however, reveals that the major known issues have layers of other issues that don’t get addressed.  My curiosity leads me to wonder if leadership development is less impressive and thus neglected here leading to a swelling of the bigger issues.

Our community’s place in the city is unique as we work with key leaders in different elements of society.  We recognize that a society is like a series of widgets and when you turn one, you affect the other.  That may sound like a cop out for not working in the more well known sectors, but here’s what we know: God holds the entire picture of Pretoria in the palm of his hand.  We cannot simply impose our wills and do things He’s not inviting us to do.  We do what He’s asked us to do, and the widgets of society turn.

Coaching an inner city pastor leads to more focused leadership of his congregation, leads to person experiencing their true identity in Christ, leads her to say no to the guy knocking on her door for sex, leads to prevention of the spread of AIDS in her family line.

The issue I’d like to put forth is around perspective.  Do you and your community have the larger perspective and see your place in that bigger system?  NieuCommunities has a specific focus in Pretoria for a reason.  That is often times frustrating (I always want to do more), but God hasn’t invited us in.  But it’s cool.  It’s His story in Pretoria we’re working in anyway.


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