Holy Spirit Yielded Example

For the last several years, NieuCommunities has been partnering with Pure Hope, a South African ministry that serves multiple facets of South Africa’s population (prisons, orphanages, etc…).  In that time, I’ve had the privilege of coaching the “second in command”.  Many of you met Braam on our trip to Huntington.  Unfortunately for you, ten days was no where enough time for you to see what I’ve seen.

You need to know about Braam, I needed to write about Braam, because he is a beautiful example of a leader who yields himself to the guiding presence of the Holy Spirit.  At 22, Braam has experienced the power of God in ways that I only dream of experiencing by the time I die.  At 22, Braam remains one of the most inspiring leaders I’ve had the privilege of working with.

I write this post to remind myself, and to remind our readers that when the Holy Spirit is at work, and you open yourself up to Him, you too can move mountains.  I’m tired of hearing, “when I get to be this age, or have this degree, or do this thing, then I’ll be ready”.  Braam can be your constant reminder that a yielded heart to the guiding power of the Holy Spirit can be enough.

However, Braam is smart enough to know that God gives us a community to help us grow.  He recognizes his gaps and that’s why he asked me to coach him.  Not that I’m smarter (because I can easily prove that I’m not), but I know how to coach him to think through situations from multiple angles.  That’s our role here.  I’m proud like an older brother of the man God has raised up, and I believe that Braam’s life is an inspiration for more people than just those he works with every day.


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