Tipping Point

Several weeks ago, I sat across a coffee table with two of the most impressive young leaders South Africa calls sons.  As we chatted, it became overwhelmingly clear that God was stirring something up inside of each of us, so I asked a question to them, “what’s God speaking to you right now”.  In so many words, they both said, “it’s time”.

Time for what?

Time to get organized.  Time to come together as leaders on campus.  Time to become men of God and stop being boys eating milk and honey.  It’s time to step up and lead where God’s invited them to lead.

“Will you join us?” they asked me.

And there I was at 10:30 p.m. in a residence hall, watching the guys I’ve been coaching take lead and begin pushing into a group of twelve other leaders around Communion, Community, and Mission (the pillars of the NieuCommunities DNA).  I saw an Afrikaaner humbling lean forward and share his heart with a mixed race group.  I saw one of the black leaders lean in and tell him “dude, it’s cool, but we’re not gonna let you stay there”.  I saw a black leader come to terms that communion with Christ is the only sustainable way forward if change will ever come to this place.

I saw hope in a dark meeting hall that night.  And every week this term, I’ll stay up late to see what comes of this.  I have a hunch that I just hit the bottom of the rabbit hole and as I look up, there are endless possibilities to take the gospel message out.

Bring it on.


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